Bienvenido a Argentina

It is somewhat daunting to sit down and write your thoughts out for others to read and others that you know quite well.  I journal for myself regularly, just to keep track of things, just to remember, but it is a whole different experience and process when you are writing down your private thoughts for others to read.  I will try not to make it too much of a different process but we’ll see how it goes.

So after  a slight delay in Norfolk, due to some angry clouds up around JFK, which led to a not so slight delay in Miami, that included a questionable motel stay, I made it to Buenos Aires.  From there I took a bus with some locals to La Plata.  Apparently there aren’t many traffic rules, or they are more like traffic suggestions here.  A red light here means, “stop if you’d like, but if not, don’t worry about,” and the intersections that don’t have stop signs for any directions are a somewhat different experience than those in the US.  But the driver got us here and without incident.

One a different note Argentina is a Spanish speaking nation.  Now I’ve taken Spanish for 4 years now and I’ve come to like the language.  But I know it as one building on the UNC campus, and that’s all that I know of it.  That is not all there is to it.  At UNC if you walk out of Dey hall then everyone speaks English again.  Here, when I walk out of the hostel, the Spanish becomes twice as fast and is mostly slang.  There is going to be some language adjustment.

At this point I am at Frankville hostel, and it is exactly what comes to mind when I think of a hostel.  They have Wi-Fi, lots of Europeans, rooms with what look like toy locks and 7 other strangers have the key, thankfully one bi-lingual woman working the front desk, and are smack dab in the middle of La Plata.  It should be a fun week.  After the week here its off to stay with the host family but for now its time to explore downtown and see what restuarants La Plata has to offer



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